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    Black Powder
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    Sporting Dogs
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    Lake and Fishing
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    Trap and Skeet

The Ambridge District Sportsmen’s Association (ADSA) is the largest and most diversified conservation club in Beaver County. ADSA is recognized as being one of the largest clubs in Pennsylvania and has a general membership of around 1,200 which consists of both adult and junior members.

The facilities at ADSA start at the clubhouse. The clubhouse features a full service bar (open daily), a 250 seat party hall and an indoor shooting range. A picnic shelter lies north of the clubhouse overlooking a 2.5 acre fishing lake. Surrounding the clubhouse are 158 acres of woods and fields.

ADSA maintains a variety activities for the sportsmen, archery, rifle, pistol, trap, skeet, black powder, fishing and dog training to name a few. The club’s facilities are open only to club members and currently the charter is open for new membership.

The Ambridge District Sportsmen’s Association is a conservation club and is a member of the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, National Rifle Association (NRA), The United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania (UBP), Pennsylvania State Archery Association (P.S.A.A.) and the Professional Kennel Club (PKC).