Sporting Dogs

Image3The Sporting Dog Committee was formed in 2007 and membership is open to all club members interested in the promotion and welfare of dogs used for hunting. The primary goal of this committee is to maintain good rabbit, quail and pheasant habitat and promote interest in hunting dog trials. Since we include all types of hunting dogs we have had a good influx of new members and this fact makes a strong statement about the future of Ambridge District Sportsmen’s Association (ADSA).

The ADSA Sporting Dog Committee was established for anyone wishing to learn how to train hunting dogs. The committee is not breed specific, meetings and events are open to all breeds, and of course it’s great if you do already own a hunting dog but it isn’t essential. If you enjoy spending time with your dog and meeting other owners, then you will find this activity one you will enjoy.

ADSA is affiliated with the Professional Kennel Club (PKC) and hosts two licensed, Beagle Small Pack field trials per year. ADSA supports the American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC) and American Rabbit Hound Association (ARHA) and many of the member’s and their hounds participate in their field trials.

For more information contact Monty Celo at 724-513-1842 or Bill Grundza at 724-650-0396.

Notice from the Dog Committee:

Pheasant Stocking Update:

10/03/2016 –  PHEASANTS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR HARVESTING FOR CLUB MEMBERS ONLY,STARTING OCTOBER 12 2016, and running through the last Saturday in April 2017.  Limit is two tags per hunter per day.9/22/2016 – Leg tags are for Pheasants are now available for club members at the club house. The Dog Committee is asking all members to limit themselves to 2 tags per day.  The Dog Committee appreciates your cooperation in this matter.